Status: In Progress

In December 2020 the City of Greater Bendigo called on members of the Marong and wider community to have input into the development of a draft Masterplan for Malone Park by completing a survey or by making a submission to the City.

Consultation included delivery of a community bulletin to households in Marong township, signs at Malone Park, social media posts, news articles in the local media and individual engagement with clubs and user groups of the park.

The City received seven submissions and a total of 268 online surveys were completed by respondents to say what they would like included in the draft masterplan. This was a fantastic result that demonstrated the important role Malone Park plays in the life of the Marong and the City would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the project so far.

Using the information provided by residents from the first round of consultation, a draft Masterplan for Malone Park has now been produced and is available to view.

Submissions closed on Friday November 19, 2021.

Stage 2

Key features of the draft masterplan

The draft master plan acknowledges the need for at least one additional oval in the short term with long term needs likely to require a third oval, as well as spaces that can be used for non-traditional sports such as touch-football and other flexible uses for community events, festivals and carnivals.

In order to achieve this the draft masterplan recommends the relocation of the Light Harness Club to an alternative site such as the Sebastian Recreation Reserve which could accommodate the club.

Key features of the draft masterplan include:

  • The development of a single multi-purpose pavilion and community building to service all existing and future users;
  • Relocation of Marong Light Harness Club;
  • Redevelopment of the existing harness track into a green playing surface that is irrigated and illuminated and equivalent to two ovals
  • Development of two additional multipurpose netball and tennis courts near the pavilion;
  • Improved walking and cycling connections through the site and connecting Discover Marong (estate) to the Marong School and Town Centre via the existing bridge over Bullock Creek;
  • Future relocation of other community facilities such as the existing playground into the reserve to increase activation and access by the community;
  • Development of additional facilities including bike jumps and a dog park;
  • Retention of the natural environment as much as possible;
  • Preservation of the natural amenity and enhancement of passive recreation assets.


What are the next steps?

Once the exhibition period of the draft masterplan is complete, all feedback will be considered and a final version of the plan will be produced and presented to Council for adoption in early in 2022.

Following the adoption of the draft masterplan by Council the City will start preparations to implement the plan including undertaking targeted consultation with stakeholders and detailed design work. The City will also investigate grant and funding opportunities with other levels of government and set timelines for implementation of priority works.

Stage 1

Results of stage 1 community consultation

The consultation showed that the community highly value Malone Park with many respondents using the area for casual use outside of sport.

More than 54% of respondents said they were not members of any club associated with the park. Also interesting was the large number of survey respondents (42%) who said they walked to access the reserve. In addition, 93% of respondents said they had visited Malone Park in the past 12 months.

Survey respondents said their favourite characteristics of the park are:

Only 32 per cent of respondents indicated that the reserve met their needs with their suggestions for improvement including:

  • Improvements to sporting facilities, pavilion, change rooms and lighting
  • Improved play opportunities
  • Improve walking and cycling paths, tracks and trails
  • Improve roads and parking,
  • Establishment of an irrigated second oval,
  • New public toilets
  • Establishment of a dog park.