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LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Action Plan now endorsed

Greater Bendigo City Council endorsed the City’s first LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Action Plan at the November 20, 2023 meeting. It is believed to be the first local government to formally endorse the Victorian Government’s Rainbow Ready Roadmap.

The City’s LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Action Plan provides a clear and achievable plan to guide its commitment to LGBTIQA+ people in our community. While the Victorian Government’s Rainbow Ready Roadmap is a set of resources for Victoria’s rural and regional communities to build LGBTIQA+ inclusion.

Community were invited to provide feedback on the draft actions before it was presented to Council for endorsement.

To review feedback and the outcomes from the consultation process, click on the 'outcomes from community feedback' button below.


Provide feedback

Provide feedback

Please note, this plan focuses on the LGBTIQA+ community, the City has action plans covering a range of community demographics including youth, older people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, multicultural and people with disability.

The actions in this plan will be achieved within current budget and staff resourcing. The plan ensures all community members are considered and we are inclusive. This plan ensures we abide by our values and the Social Justice Framework

There are 41 actions in the draft LGBTIQA+ Action Plan. These actions are aligned to the 5 priority areas of the Healthy Greater Bendigo Plan; healthy and well; safe and secure; able to participate; connected to culture and community; and liveable.

The City need to know if we got it right. Click on the Actions Tab, read through the actions and give us your feedback in the survey below. Feedback opens May 17 and closes Friday June 23, 5pm

We won't ask your name or keep any information that tells us who you are, and you don't have to do the survey if you don't want to.

The draft actions

Our LGBTIQA+ people are healthy and well

LGBTIQA+ inclusion and wellbeing are integral to the City’s development, delivery and review of programs and services

Action: Build staff capacity to consider LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the development or review of all policies, programs and services that have a direct and significant impact on the public via the Equity Impact Assessment process.

Action: Ensure support and inclusion of Rainbow Families by providing LGBTIQA+ inclusive resources at the City’s Maternal and Child Health Centres, Early Learning Centres/ Kindergartens and Library Services.

Action: Advocate to State and Federal Government reviews relating to LGBTIQA+ health and wellbeing, safety and inclusion.

Action: Support the capacity of community sport to be gender inclusive. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Two women holding hands walking with their child down a path

Our LGBTIQA+ people are safe and secure

Bookings and assessment processes are LGBTIQA+ inclusive

Action: Develop staff capacity to audit and improve bookings and assessment processes, forms and correspondence to ensure they are LGBTIQA+ inclusive.

LGBTIQA+ groups and services are supported to access City spaces

Action: Develop capacity of LGBTIQA+ groups to access City spaces by holding a workshop covering: event booking system, activity in a public place permit, risk management plan, event waste management plan, site plan, public liability insurance, venue key access.

The City provides all gender bathroom and change room options.

Action: Conduct literature review on public toilet signage and configuration to determine best practice in promoting gender accessibility and inclusion. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Advocate for changes to the Australian Building Code to improve inclusion of toilet facilities for all genders.

Action: Consider the inclusion of all-gender toilet facilities and change rooms in all new and redeveloped City infrastructure (via the Equity Impact Assessment process or Project Management Feasability).

Potential risks to the safety of LGBTIQA+ group members are identified and minimised

Action: Consider gender in the development of actions in the Community Safety Action Plan to ensure the plan is responsive to the safety needs of women and gender diverse community members. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Advocate for LGBTIQ+ inclusion in family violence and sexual assault sector, including addressing key service gaps and strengthening LGBTIQ+ capability. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Conduct an initial cultural safety risk analysis regarding LGBTIQA+ community members using City facilities and services.

The City responds to LGBTIQA+ phobic incidents by advocating for the rights of LGBTIQA+ members and taking steps to prevent future incidents

Action: Respond to any LGBTIQA+ phobic social media postings to reduce harm to LGBTIQA+ community.

Action: Ensure the link to the Community Reporting Tool (of Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission) for discrimination and breaches of human rights is visible on City web page/s and on LGBTIQA+ City web page.

People at park enjoying each others company

Our LGBTIQA+ people are able to participate

LGBTIQA+ community members take part in council committees and in council planning

Action: Establish mechanisms for LGBTIQA+ community members to provide advice and feedback on the City’s policies, programs and services.

Action: Promote recruitment processes for City Committees to LGBTIQA+ communities and consider LGBTIQA+ representation, alongside other diversity demographics.

Action: Promote community engagement processes (including Let’s Talk) to LGBTIQA+ communities.

City grants are provided to support local LGBTIQA+ initiatives

Action: Promote available grants (City and others) to local LGBTIQA+ groups and organisations to assist them to deliver community led events and programs.

Action: Strengthen grant seeking capabilities within LGTBTQIA+ communities through mechanisms such as workshops.

The City educates its staff and volunteers on LGBTIQA+ inclusion

Action: Provide LGBTIQA+ inclusion training to City Staff, Councillors and Youth Councillors.

Action: Develop LGBTIQA+ inclusive language guide that covers terminology and communication protocols – for City staff, Councillors, volunteers and contractors.

The City provides an inclusive workplace for LGBTIQA+ employees and volunteers

Action: Support gender diverse inclusive employment practices by providing resources and supports for people managers. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Update systems and processes to have the ability to capture gender diversity and other intersectional identity factors of staff members outlined in the Gender Equality Act 2020. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Conduct a review of human resources systems and practices to ensure they are LGBTIQA+ inclusive for staff, volunteers and trainees.

People carrying pride flag

Our LGBTIQA+ people are connected to culture and community

The City supports local LGBTIQA+ events

Action: Support local LGBTIQA+ events (such as Transgender Day of Visibility, IDAHOBIT, Wear it Purple and Transgender Day of Remembrance).

Action: Support Bendigo Pride Festival as Greater Bendigo's main LGBTIQA+ festival.

Action: Support young people to feel safe about their gender identity and promote gender equity through events such as IDAHOBIT and Wear it Purple Day. [Youth Action Plan]

Action: Support LGBTIQA+ event/s for older LGBTI people to connect, including intergenerationally, to reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Action: Support LGBTIQA+ event for culturally diverse LGBTIQA+ people as part of Harmony Week.

Action: Support the Greater Bendigo Rainbow Coalition to facilitate networking and collaboration between the City, service providers, leading employers and LGBTIQA+ organisations.

The City has a statement of LGBTIQA+ inclusion that is publicly visible

Action: Include statement of the City’s commitment to LGBTIQA+ communities on a City LGBTIQA+ web page.

Action: The Mayor/Councillors attends external events focussed on LGBTIQA+ inclusion and makes statement/media release regarding their commitment to LGBTIQA+ inclusion every year.

City information incorporates LGBTIQA+ inclusive language and images

Action: Develop staff capacity to use LGBTIQA+ inclusive language and images.

Action: Conduct photoshoots to obtain images of Rainbow families, LGBTI+ elders, LGBTIQA+ young people and TGD community members, which can be added to the City’s image library.

Action: Review branding and service delivery of Maternal and Child Health to consider how...rainbow families are actively considered, included and represented in service name and delivery [Gender Equity Action Plan]

Action: Ensure communications and terminology regarding family violence and gender-based violence is consistent and acknowledges the lived experiences of LGBTIQ+ people. [Gender Equity Action Plan]

The Council takes opportunities to fly the rainbow or trans flags

Action: The Council flies the Rainbow and/or Transgender flags on LGBTIQA+ days of significance (such as IDAHOBIT, Transgender Day of Visibility, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Wear it Purple) if requested by LGBTIQA+ communities, and subject to availability.

The City’s website and social media accounts profile LGBTIQA+ initiatives, events, people and resources

Action: The City’s social media accounts profile City run LGBTIQA+ initiatives and events.

Action: Develop a LGBTIQA+ web page on the City’s website with information and resources for community members.

Action: CONNECT Greater Bendigo website has LGBTIQA+ category for groups, health and community services and events and supports LGBTIQA+ groups and services to register and /or list events.

Four people with love is love banners

LGBTIQA+ people have access to a liveable environment

Action: Support LGBTIQA+ people to have a say about liveability in Greater Bendigo.

Two men and a child walking a dog



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Draft LGBTIQA+ Action Plan opens for community feedback

    May 17, 2023

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Draft LGBTIQA+ Action Plan closes for community feedback

    June 16, 2023

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Feedback received is considered and draft plan amended

    June 2023

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Draft LGBTIQA+ Action Plan presented to Council

    November 2023

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    Community informed of outcome

    November 2023

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