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We received 59 online survey responses and four hard copy questionnaires. In addition to this, five people shared their story through the Share your Story tab, 25 young people participated in an online workshop and 40 young people participated in the Youth Council presentation.

People who contributed to the consultation participated in a range of activities including skating, scootering, BMX/biking, inline skating, roller skating and other activities. The intended audience for this skate park is beginner and intermediate participants, which made up 82 per cent of the people who responded.

The majority of the respondents supported the separation of the beginner and intermediate areas which is a new and innovative concept in skate park design. This separation is further supported by gender and inclusion research.

When asked about the style of park that suited their riding activity, preferences were heavily weighted to Flow style which made up 62 per cent of respondents’ preference. The next most popular style was Transition (24 per cent) and least popular was Street at 14 per cent.

The top five skate elements that were important to respondents were mogul pump with quarter side (70.6 per cent), flat bank with kerb top (58.8 per cent), quarter pipe (45.1 per cent), quarter pipe with pool seat (45.1 per cent) and mogul (43.1 per cent).

Other features within the park that were important to respondents included a drinking fountain (87.7 per cent said this feature was important to them), shelter (86 per cent), natural shade (68.4 per cent), public art (66.7 per cent) and skate park seating (61.4 per cent).

Some ideas were not able to be included for a range of reasons include a pump track, lighting, and other infrastructure such as toilets, barbecue and a play space due to the close proximity of these facilities at nearby Gateway Park. Please see additional information in the relevant FAQs.

After taking all of the feedback we received into consideration the Draft Concept Plan has now been designed.

Stage 1 layout design plans

Design plans from stage 1 consultation.

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