A healthy, liveable community

The Greater Bendigo Community Plan 2017-2021 defines a liveable community as ‘one that enables people to live healthy, safe, harmonious lives in attractive and affordable settings’.

Liveable places have an excellent range of services for children and adults of all ages and facilities that are accessible to all, and they don’t make unsustainable demands on the environment.

Health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing, which is more than just being free from disease. Health and wellbeing is created in our day-to-day lives – where we live, work, play, grow and age.

Lots of things impact on our health and wellbeing, including income, housing and education, access to nutritious food, parks and public transport, being free from discrimination and violence, having strong connections with family, friends and the community, and having opportunities to be physically active. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and drug use can also have a major impact.

In recent community consultation, residents said they valued:

  • Cool, shady and green streets with accessible parks and play spaces
  • Access to cheap, healthy food
  • Walking and cycling paths for people of all ages and abilities
  • Growing more food locally in schools, community gardens and on farms
  • Better access to public transport and walking and cycling paths to move around
  • Affordable, safe and secure housing
  • Better access to health services for older residents

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