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Framework Summary

The development of the Development Contributions Governance Framework aims to effectively guide the preparation and implementation of various Development Contributions Schemes across the municipality.

The Framework aligns to the Development Contributions Policy and its principles and objectives, and guides the implementation of Development Contributions so that they are fair and fit for purpose.

Framework Purpose

The purpose of the Governance Framework is to:

  • clearly define the Policy Principles and Objectives that govern City Development Contributions Schemes
  • clearly define the City’s opportunities for funding shared essential infrastructure as part of new development and change areas
  • have adopted Development Contributions Schemes that are fit for purpose
  • outline the structure for decision making relating to new Development Contributions Schemes, and
  • provide clarity on the roles and stakeholders involved in Development Contributions Schemes

Development Contribution Scheme 7 stages

The process to assess the site, context, timelines, number/scale of projects, and risk to Council for various development contribution schemes options, to ensure the scheme is fit for purpose

The process to prepare all the relevant background, technical and costing information, summary documents, legal documents etc., that support the implementation of a clear, defendable, and fair development contributions scheme

The process that takes the proposed development contributions scheme from a document to a legal instrument that Council can rely on for decision making and financial management. This can include a planning scheme amendment for a DCP, registering a S173 Agreement on a title, or Council approving a levy for use

Managing any development contributions scheme is the area of highest resource requirement, risk to Council and involves long timeframes. The process to manage a development contribution scheme requires a robust administration process to ensure legislative and legal compliance

The process of delivery, or managing the private delivery, of projects within development contribution schemes and ensure the appropriate allocation of funds, cost assessment and compliance with legal obligation (including project triggers, costs and scope)

The process to model and assess long term cashflow for development contribution schemes, including areas of high financial risk, busy project delivery periods, any areas of discretion that could improve cashflow (e.g. delay or advance a project)

The process required to ensure effective management and decision making, regular reviews, auditing and process improvements that are aimed at managing the Council's risk, compliance and process efficiency

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