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As part of the City’s long-term growth there is a need for a transparent and consistent approach to infrastructure planning, and funding for new developments.

The City has developed a new Development Contributions Policy and Development Contributions Governance Framework.

The Policy and Framework will apply to the implementation and management of development contributions across the City of Greater Bendigo. Government and industry best practice, and consultation with other government councils and the development industry, have contributed to the development of both the Policy and the Framework.

A Development Contributions Scheme can be prepared to recover the cost of essential shared infrastructure from new developments. The process aims to include fair funding and delivery of infrastructure for new development areas.

The contributions can be cash payments or the developer can deliver infrastrucure directly.

Development contributions are needed to fund essential infrastructure that is required for new communities in Greater Bendigo’s growth areas.

They are a fair way to share the costs between all land owners that would benefit from the infrastructure. It also means that the City, or one developer, don't have to fund all works in conjunction with a land owner as they develop their land.

The City has a limited infrastructure budget that covers the whole of the municipality. Future growth areas require significant investment.

A Development Contribution Scheme provides assurance for the developers and future residents in these growth areas that critical, and often costly infrastructure, would be provided in a timely manner as development progressively takes place. A Development Contributions Scheme is a fair way to manage new communities and the services required.

Development contributions do not fund all required infrastructure and services that are generated from new development. They do fund the ‘essential’ shared infrastructure required to support the new development.

Major infrastructure and facilities that service much larger catchments are either funded directly by local and State governments or the Commonwealth Government. In some cases development contributions can ‘contribute’ a portion of the overall costs where there is a strong relationship between the infrastructure and the new development.

The Policy and Framework include:

The new Policy and Framework maps out the key principles and steps required to prepare and implement a Development Contribution Scheme.

The Policy sets out 5 key principles, and 4 objectives, that aim to guide decision making for new Development Contributions Schemes.

The Framework includes 7 steps that should be followed so that a Development Contribution Scheme is fit for purpose.

The Policy and Framework aim to:


The City invited the community to provide feedback on the new Development Contributions Policy and Governance Framework. Feedback was open from April 5, 2024 till May 3, 2024. the survey has now closed.

Updates on both the Policy and Framework, will be provided on their individual project pages below.

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  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Policy and Framework open for community feedback

    April 5, 2024

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Policy and Framework closed for community feedback

    May 3, 2024

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    Community feedback reviewed

    May 2024

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    Policy and Framework presented to Council

    June 2024

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    Community informed of outcome

    June/July 2024

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