Status: In progress

The City of Greater Bendigo is preparing for its next Budget.

The Budget makes day-to-day life in Greater Bendigo possible, funding important services and the construction and maintenance of infrastructure valued by the community.

We invite your feedback on what priorities we should focus on to inform the 2024/2025 Budget.

Before you start the survey, we thought we should share some information about the Budget and how it’s put together.

So where does the money come from?

Money comes in from rates, user fees and government grants, which is then spent on services, maintaining our assets and building new facilities for our community.

This quick video provides more information.

City of Greater Bendigo Budget information

Financial challenges

It’s important to manage expectations when it comes to community spending.

The City used to have more money available to fund new projects. Unfortunately, across the last few years there has been a big difference between how much our income has grown, and how much our costs have increased. This means that each year it is harder to keep delivering the services the community needs with the funding that we have.

$33M gap between income growth and rising costs

Graph depicting $33M funding gap for current four-year period

The $33M total gap between income growth and rising costs across the current four-year period. Find out more about the City's financial challenges

What would you allocate funds to?

Use our online budget tool to show us how you would prioritise City spending.