Status: Open

We are seeking your input on priorities for the 2022/2023 Budget

The 2022/2023 Budget will deliver on the second year of the Council Plan and Financial Plan. Both plans and our new Community Vision were developed through the Imagine Greater Bendigo project which asked for your feedback over nine months.

The Council Plan drive allocation of resources, however alongside the themes in this plan, the City continues to update its budget and project priorities annually. The annual budget is a requirement of the Local Government Act 2020 and will be adopted on or prior to June 30, 2022.

The Financial Plan outlines the resources required to support the Vision, deliver the Council Plan and make sure that:

  • We invest in assets the community values
  • Our services remain affordable and accessible
  • Our organisation remains financially sustainable

The City provides 69 different services to the local community and maintains over $1.8B worth of community assets to support both residents and visitors to the region.

The City welcomes input on priorities or projects but must also manage expectations. Increases to rate revenue are currently capped under the State Government’s Fair Go Rates system, determined by the State Minister for Local Government. This often limits revenue available to fund new projects and initiatives.

Your input to City priorities or project in line with the Council Plan is welcomed in advance of Councillors considering the 2022/2023 Budget.

Submissions will be open until December 2, 2021

All priorities received will be collated and reviewed by officers and Councillors, including consideration of the Council Plan and the Financial Plan settings endorsed by Council in October 2021.

Council will consider the draft Budget in April 2022 and the endorsed draft Budget will be made available for feedback from the community.