Status: In progress

We’ve completed the first survey of road users, to understand what people perceive to be the road safety risk along Sutton Grange Road, or similar roads if respondents weren’t familiar with Sutton Grange Road.

In 2022, a new type of illuminated road sign will be installed along selected bends on Sutton Grange Road. They will be energy efficient solar-powered illuminated signs designed to assist road users when travelling through curves on roads.

The City and Victorian company OmniGrip Direct were successful in receiving a grant from the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund for the design, manufacturing and trial of the new type of signs.

Once they’re installed, another survey will be held that will seek your feedback on the visibility of the signs and whether people feel safer using Sutton Grange Road.

Thank you for your support and for working with us to make roads safer for our community. Please follow the project for updates.

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