Status: Open

The Greater CREATIVE Bendigo Strategy was adopted in 2019, and is now due for review.

As the City reviews the strategy, we are seeking community and stakeholder feedback on the City's delivery of the strategy, and gain insight into what the community feel could be the arts and culture priorities for the City of Greater Bendigo moving forward.

Feedback from the community will assist the City to identify strengths, trends, gaps and future priorities.

There are two opportunities to provide feedback and participate: a survey, and a Greater CREATIVE Strategy Review Workshop. Anyone who has an interest in arts, culture and creative activity in the City of Greater Bendigo can have a say.

The Strategy reflects Outcome 6 within the City of Greater Bendigo Council Plan (Mir Wimbul) 2021-2025:

Thirty three actions were included in the strategy across five key areas:

  • Inspire a culture of creativity

    Encourage an inspiring and diverse creative community that is supported for its social and economic value

  • Create more activated spaces

    Energised spaces and places where people can engage and participate in cultural and creative industries

  • Nurture and support talent

    Attract and retain creative thinkers and professionals who can build and sustain their creative ambition

  • Champion inclusion and access

    Build inclusive networks where the creative community feels connected

  • Show the world

    Encourage pride in our local cultural and creative industries, and share our successes with the world


Community survey: The survey is open from October 25, 2023 until December 8, 2023.

If you would like to provide further feedback, please contact the City of Greater Bendigo Creative Industries Officer via or attend the workshop by completing the workshop registration form.