Status: Closed

The City maintains policies to ensure good governance and some relate to Councillors. There are eight Councillor-only policies that are due for review and we asked for feedback between March 1 and 5pm March 15, 2022. The policies have now been finalised and adopted by Council.


  • Governance Rules

    Key changes:

    • Document completely restructured to:
      • More closely align with the Local Government Act 2020
      • Improve clarity and
      • Remove duplication
    • Chairperson section updated to more closely align with the Act
    • Quorum section updated to more closely align with the Act
    • New section to explicitly cover Alternate Motions
    • Formal Motions renamed to Procedural Motions
    • Provide a definition for “Resolution”
    • Reconcile Notices of Motions and Foreshadowed Items
    • Remove requirement to maintain a hardcopy Minute book
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  • Community Complaints About a Councillor

    Key changes:

    • Document restructured to improve accessibility
    • Complaint handling process detailed further, including demonstrating integration with Local Government Act 2020 (Internal Arbitration and Councillor Conduct Panels)

    Policy previously called - Handling Complaints About a Councillor

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  • Councillor Communication & Information

    Consolidates duplication and misalignment between:

    • Councillor Access to Information Policy
    • Councillor Media Policy

    Reinforces the Role of the Councillor in accordance with the Act, as opposed to the role of the Chief Executive Officer.

    Policy previously called - Councillor Charter

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  • Councillor Expenses and Support

    Consolidates duplication and misalignment between:

    • Councillor IT Policy
    • Councillor Mobile Device Policy
    • Expense Procedures

    Mandating that Councillors shall only utilise City supplied IT equipment for Councillor business.

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  • Local Laws

    Key changes:

    • Revokes the Local Law Process of Municipal Government (2020) - now substantially superseded by the Governance Rules
    • Revises the Community Local Law to include the remaining sections of the Process of Municipal Government not superseded
    • Revises the Local Law No. 10 – Administration to ensure alignment with Community Local Law

    Please note only comments on the changes (not the unchanged portion of Local Laws) will be considered.

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  • Councillor Gift Policy

    Updated to better account for gifts from the City to the outgoing Mayor, Deputy-Mayor and partner of the Mayor, including values.

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