Status: Closed

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback about how they would like to receive information from the City of Greater Bendigo. The information received reflected the many ways we do communicate with the community, which we’ll continue to do and ensure that information is widely available and from a variety of sources. It was also great to see that many of our recent projects were remembered by people filling out the survey, as well as people recalling seeing GB Magazine. Of course, the best way to stay informed of City news is to visit our website, social media or subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter.

We really appreciate your time and a summary report is now available to view. There are some answers that sum up the sentiment of what you said, rather providing actual data, as this is where you could provide open answers. So here is a further summary for particular questions:

What social media platforms do you use?

Facebook was the platform of choice and listed by nearly all respondents, with Instagram also featuring strongly. Several people used LinkedIn and Twitter as well, while there were a small number of very savvy users who are also using YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok and Discord.

What television shows do you usually watch on free-to-air television?

  • News, current affairs-type shows
  • Kids shows
  • Comedy, e.g. Friends, Seinfeld
  • Reality television, e.g. Gogglebox, Masterchef and Married at First Sight

What was the last item you saw, read or heard from the City of Greater Bendigo?

  • New council offices
  • Outdoor dining survey
  • Easter Festival information
  • Rates notice
  • Bats in Rosalind Park
  • E-newsletter
  • New theatre season booklet
  • Works at Wolstencroft Reserve
  • Job ads

Where did you see, hear or read it?

  • Newspaper (Bendigo Advertiser, print and online)
  • Local ABC (radio)
  • Facebook
  • Mail in letterbox
  • E-newsletter
  • Email
  • Spoke with Ward Councillor
  • Social media

What were you looking for when you were on the City’s website?

  • Events information
  • Housing permit information
  • Jobs
  • Pet registration
  • Vaccination information
  • Waste, recycling, organics information
  • Opening hours
  • Council agenda
  • Rates
  • Tree maintenance

What type of City news/information would you like more of?

  • Events, what’s coming up, what’s been happening
  • Roadworks, construction works
  • Community planning
  • Sustainability, health and wellbeing
  • Anything free
  • Services
  • Budget, how money is spent
  • Waste, recycling
  • Development in smaller towns
  • What Council is doing in each ward

What type of City news/information would you like less of?

  • Debates about ongoing matters
  • Negative news
  • Debated issues, e.g. Hargreaves Mall

What would you like to hear more about from your local Ward Councillors?

  • Local issues
  • Ideas for the future
  • What they’re up to/achieving
  • What’s happening in wards
  • Projects they are passionate about
  • Plans for the economy

How well informed do you feel about the work of the City (organisation/staff) and the Council (Councillors)?

There was a mix here of people feeling well informed, somewhat informed and not informed at all. Some people felt more informed about the organisation than the Council.

What do you think the City could do to keep you better informed?

  • Ensure information is available for free
  • More social media posts
  • Information in newspapers
  • Email updates
  • Mail to letterboxes
  • More information on small towns
  • Listen to concerns
  • More community events