Status: Closed

Between January 24 and February 21, 2022, we asked for your thoughts on road safety in the Bendigo City Centre.

The Bendigo City Centre is the largest commercial precinct north of the Great Dividing Range. It has a regional catchment of around 300,000 people and is home to over 1,000 businesses, around 11,000 jobs and approximately 550,000 square metres of commercial floorspace.

People come to the City Centre for a range of reasons, to shop, to eat, to work and to attend events. It’s therefore important that this busy area is safe for people to move around in whether they are pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.

In July 2018 the City introduced a 40km speed limit in the City Centre and undertook a range of road safety initiatives including the installation of new roundabouts and other treatments to improve safety.

The survey is the next step in this initial work by the City and we now want to know the community’s thoughts and observations about road safety specifically in the City Centre.

Your feedback will help us identify areas for improvement and possible treatments to further improve road safety and make the area safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in the future.