The City welcomed input on priorities but must also manage expectations. The State Minister for Local Government has capped increases to rate revenue under the State Government’s Fair Go Rates system. This often limits revenue available to fund new projects and initiatives.

Rates and charges

Rates and charges revenue make up approximately 60 per cent of the City’s income. The State Government introduced rate capping in 2016. Since then, the City’s increases to rate revenue have been capped. The rate cap for 2022/2023 was set at 1.75 per cent. In June 2022 the reported consumer price index was 6.1 per cent. This means the City has a challenge bridging the gap between revenue and expenditure. The rate cap for 2023/2024 is 3.5 per cent.

Rising costs

Other industry inflation costs which impact the City’s expenditure are:

The City provides 69 different services to the local community. We maintain over $2.5B worth of community assets and infrastructure. This supports both residents and visitors to the region.

Snapshot of costs for come City services:

Snapshot of costs for some City services. Transport, infrastructure, and waste account for over $50 million.

A snapshot of other responsibilities

More information

If you would like more information, please read the City’s Financial Plan. The Plan makes sure that:

  • We support the Community Vision and deliver the Council Plan
  • We invest in assets the community values
  • Our services remain affordable and accessible
  • Our organisation remains financially sustainable